dinsdag, oktober 9


The small things, the little details in life you forget, because they're so little, these are the most important ones.   The feeling of being happy is from understanding what you've got. The way to happiness how I see it, is enjoying every tiny little piece in life, the beautiful nice things. You've to see what are the important things to remember and to think of. Everyday something nice or funny will happen, and you've to enjoy that moment. What life makes beautiful in general, are those little moments of happiness, those little moments you enjoy all together. You only live once, so do it in the right way, you've only one chance. Don't think back of everything what went wrong, but don't look in the future, too, but live in the present. If you think all the time of other things, you can't enjoy what's happening on the moment of thinking, so if you do this all the time you aren't conscious of the beautiful things on that moment. The things that are most important in live, you'll simply miss, that's a pity, don't you think?

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