maandag, september 17

Stay positive

Sometimes life is hard, so be it. I know how it feels, maybe in another way than you do, but I think everybody has their own troubles. I'm a very positive person and I'm trying to make the best out of everything I do. There are many things I hate about life, but if you only think of that you're going to make it even worse. If you stay positive by everything you do, you'll enjoy everything more. Live for the moment, and don't think about stupid things in the future, because it makes no sense. If you think about it, you'll only worry about it, and the situation is not going to become better or something. The only thing you achieve is ruining the moment you think about that little thing in the future. That thing is in the future, so let it stay there! But if the moment is there, and you feel like everything is against you and you think life can't be worse, try to think: it can be worse. And yes, sometimes you think it can't, but it always can. This will help you, it helps me in any case, to come through the hard stuff in life.

My point is: stay positive, how worse the situation is, and don't forget to keep smiling! It sounds very cheesy,  but it actually works! Life is much easier for me, because I see everything on the bright side. Of course you can't have always a good day, and I haven't either, but I'm trying to make every day a good day, and for the most days it really helps.

This means I'm not always a very happy and lucky person, because, like I said, everybody has their own troubles and a day to forget, but I try to have less this sort of days.

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